Educator Profile




Pauline Forrest (1915-2014) was a leader in Elementary Education from the year she graduated from the Provincial Normal School in the early 1930's continuing even after she officially retired from active work in 1981, a period of over 46 years. She attended Broadway School and graduated from Woodstock High School for her public education.

After teaching in several rural County schools she returned to Broadway School and taught there for 14 years, serving as principal for the last 10. In 1964 she was appointed Supevisor of Schools for Carleton County and after the Equal Opportunity Reorganization in 1967 she became Supevisor of Elementary Education for School Districts 28 and 29.

Possessing a keen sense of humour, a zest for life, a love of adventure and a positive outlook on life combined with a keen professional sense, she is remembered for her wise counsel, loyalty and generous nature.