Educator Profile




Staff member of Carleton County Vocational School 1919-1926 Head of Saint John Vocational School Home Economics Department. 1926-1944 Supervisor of Home Economics Education with N.B. Vocational Board. 1944-1957 Head of Two-Year Education Program for Home Economics teachers. 1946-1953

Born in 1892, New Jerusalem native Rheta Inch taught in the first vocational school to open in New Brunswick: The Carleton County Vocational School which opened in Woodstock in 1919. In 1926 she became Head of the Home Economics Department of the Saint John Vocational School. Appointed supervisor of Home Economics Education for New Brunswick in 1944, she took on the office of Head of the newly developed two-year Home Economics Teacher Education Program that was conducted at the Saint John Vocational School until 1953 when it was transferred to Fredericton. Over the years she both taught and attended many summer schools. Among summer schools she attended were those at the Universities of Wisconsin, Cornell and Columbia. By 1929 had earned a Columbia University Bachelor of Science degree. She was a great-grandniece of James R. Inch, formerly president of Mount Allison University and chief superintendent of education for New Brunswick. She died in 1978.