Educator Profile




Public School Teacher: 1933-1949 Instructor in Reading at the New Brunswick Teachers College: 1949-1959 Chair of the Department of English at the New Brunswick Teachers College: 1959-1972

Thelma Keirstead was born in Alma in 1913. After graduating from Mount Allison University in 1933 she began her teaching career in a one-room school with 11 grades in Moose River, Cumberland County, NS.

After teaching in Albert Mines, Hillsborough and Peticodiac, she taught English at Fredericton High School from 1946-1949. During these years she also earned an MA from Columbia University in 1942.

In 1949 she became a faculty member at the New Brunswick Teachers College with responsibility for the teaching of reading. Prior to her retirement from Teachers College in 1971 she served for several years as Chair of its Department of English and played an important role by serving on several administrative committees. In 1972 the University of New Brunswick bestowed upon her an LLD (honoris causa) for her contributions to education both within the university community and the teaching profession. Upon her retirement she returned to live in Alma where she presently resides.