Educator Profile




Assistant-County Superintendent: Albert-Westmorland Counties: 1949 - 1955 Faculty Member of the New Brunswick Teachers College: 1955 - 1973 Division of Student Teaching (University of New Brunswick Faculty of Education): 1973-1980

A graduate of Sussex High School, the New Brunswick Provincial Normal School and the University of New Brunswick, Helen became assistant county superintendent of schools for the Counties of Albert and Westmorland in 1949. In 1955 she joined the faculty of the New Brunswick Teachers College where she taught primary methods and language arts. As well, she was responsible for placing and supervising student teachers in their teaching practica. In 1973 she became a member of the Division of Student Teaching in the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Education. With Nellie Winters and K. M Repka she was co-editor of Creative English: Grade 6, a text in the Copp-Clark Canadian Language Development Series. She retired in 1980.