Educator Profile




Head of the Port Elgin Regional High School Commercial Department: 1951-1959. Teacher, Organizer and First Supervisor of Programs at the New Brunswick Institute of Technology, Moncton, in Business Teacher Education: 1959-1973; Business Technology: 1959-1965; and Business Occupation Programs: 1961-1971.

Professor of Business Education and Coordinator of Business Education in the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Education: 1973-1985.

Following high school graduation, Margaret Macdougall studied business education at St. Michael's Academy, Chatham, and worked in business before attending the New Brunswick Teachers College during 1949-1950. While teaching at Port Elgin, she completed the five-year program leading to the Chartered Accountants Association earning the Designation of C.P.A. in 1959, the first woman in New Brunswick to complete this program. With the merger of the C.P.A. Association in 1967, this designation became C.A. She played a major role in establishing the Business Teacher Education and Business Technology programs at the New Brunswick Institute of Technology and in the transfer of the Business Teacher Education component to the University of New Brunswick in 1973. In 1983, she coauthored with Prof. G.A. Roussie the text Handbook on Testing and Evaluation in Business Education. Her study The Evolution of Business Education, 1784-1984 (469 p.) was published in 2001.