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Instructor in Home Economics, N.B.P.N.S./N.B.T.C.: 1942-1953 Head, Department of Home Economics, N.B.T.C.: 1953-1973 Professor and Head, U.N.B. Home Economics Section of the Division of Vocational Education: 1973-1974

Born in Johnville, NB, Beatrice Mahoney attended the N. B. Provincial Normal School during 1931-1932. In 1940 she earned a License in Teaching Home Economics Education from Mount St. Bernard College, Antigonish, and in 1942 she joined the faculty of the Provincial Normal School. Her BSc from Syracuse University in 1949 was awarded Magna Cum Laude. Upon graduation from Syracuse she was made a member of the Home Economics Honor Society Omicron Nu. In 1956 Columbia University conferred upon her the degree Master of Education.