Educator Profile




Public School Teacher in Nova Scotia: 1900-1905, 1906-1916 Organizer and Supervisor of Training for New Brunswick Veterans: 1916-1922 Director of Vocational Education for New Brunswick: 1926-1950 Regional Director of War Emergency Training and Rehabilitation Training: 1939-1946

Born in 1883 in Little River, NS, W. K. Tibert completed Grade 8 and then spent six years in the fishing industry. Returning to school at age 22, he completed Grades 9 and 10 and received a teacher's license while working part-time. Further teaching and study led to attendance at the NS Provincial Normal School in 1900. Further teaching and study, including one year at Acadia University (1905-1906) led to his being asked in 1916 to organize and supervise training of discharged veterans in New Brunswick. This work, which was completed in 1922, was followed by a period of selling insurance.

In 1926, having worked closely with Dr. Fletcher Peacock, he succeeded him as Director of Vocational Education for New Brunswick. He retired from this position in 1950. While serving as Vocational Education Director, he also held between 1939 and 1946 the position of Regional Director of War Emergency Training for men and women working in war industries, a position whose mission changed to the rehabilitation of discharged military personnel after the war ended.

While a resident of New Brunswick, he served in many voluntary capacities, including the presidency of the New Brunswick Federation of Home and School (1940-1945) and a directorship of the Fredericton YMCA (1920-1943) and many years of service to the Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton. For his distinguished career Acadia University bestowed an honorary LL.D. on him in 1950.