Provincial Normal School
Student Publications





The Normal School/Teachers College student publications in the Museum are of three genres: the weekly newspaper, the monthly journal and the annual yearbook. Of the few copies of all three genres in the Museum, The Normal Light (first as newspaper and then as journal) covers the longest period of continuous publication. The other newspaper/journal publications are: Normal Life, The P.N.S. Press, The Normalite, and Expressioni. The yearbooks are: Normal School Year Book: 1945-1946, Tutoris 1953, Tutoris 1964, Tutoris 1965, Tutoris 1966, Tutoris 1967, Tutoris 1970-71 and Nevermore '74.

The Normal Light

  1. The Normal Light (February, 1891) was the very first issue of this student publication. In format it resembled that of the present-day New Brunswick Reader. It included in its 8 pages a poet's corner, a sketch of Wordsworth, an article on the Normal School of 1890-91, a short history of the Normal School and a discussion about young teachers. H. Dean Creed was editor-in-chief. Advertisements of local businesses included those of Lemont & Sons: Furniture (Established in 1844); C. Fred Chestnut: Apothecary; and Fred B. Edgecombe: Dry Goods.
  2. The Normal Light (June, 1909), which in format resembled a magazine, included in its 28 pages a picture of Queen Street with the Normal School on the left. There was also a picture of the editorial staff including editor-in-chief Alex. I. Machum . Devoted to the 1909 closing exercises of the Normal School, it included an account of the ceremony.
  3. The Normal Light (April 1910) included in its 20 pages are articles on "The Greatness of the Empire" and "An Alphabet of Health". The editor-in-chief was Arthur J. Kelly.
  4. The Normal Light (December 1946) photo of the Provincial Normal School instructors

Normal Life

Normal Life (November 1, 1938) included in its 10 pages several student poems and informal essays. Joan LeLecheur was editor-in-chief. Of all the Normal School/Teachers College student publications in the Museum's collection the three issues it holds of Normal Life are the only ones not professionally printed.

The P.N.S. Press

The P.N.S. Press (November 14, 1939), which was the first issue of this publication, included in its six pages a poem by Franklin Gilmore. Presumably it was the editor, Bert Burgoyne, who expressed the view that there was the need for a student paper. Dr. H. H. Hagerman , P.N.S. principal, was honorary editor and Dr. I. B. Rouse, the next P.N.S. principal, was faculty advisor.

The Normalite

The Normalite (December, 1946) was a 10-page souvenir copy for December graduates of the accelerated program of teacher education. It was dedicated to the students of the Provincial Normal School "as a reminder of their many happy moments there." With Douglas D. Jackson as editor, this issue included a picture of the Normal School that replaced the one destroyed by fire in 1929 as well as a picture of the Normal School faculty.


Expression: Voice of Teachers' College - La Voix de l'Ecole Normale (March, 1965) appeared during the two-year program of teacher education offered at d'Avray Hall. Under the editorship of Christine Hansen, it included in its six pages a drawing of faculty member John F. Saunders by Alex McGibbon, the publication's staff artist.