History of N.B. Teacher Education


I Individuals playing a leading role in teacher education

Principals of the Provincial Normal School/Teachers College

II Student life at the Normal School

A. Graduation photos
B. Photos of students in group activities (e.g.,sports)
C. Copies of student publications (Normal Light, Tutoris)
D. Professional memorabilia (e.g., teachers' licences)

III Teachers College Memorabilia

A. Certificate of Physical Training for Hazel Pendleton
B. Normal School Entrance Examination (British and Canadian History)
C. Reception Card for PNS Event

IV Teacher Responsibilities

A. Middle Simonds School Register Cover
B. Christmas Concert Book

V School District Administration

A. Report of first annual meeting of District 3
B. Register of attendance - Bear Island 1915
C. Request for payment of school tax of 77 cents
D. Teacher's agreement of Emily Myers in 1928
E. 1951 Fredericton Salary Schedule for Teachers
F. Board of Education Instructions for Teachers, 1914-15
G. Letter from Isabel Adams applying for a teaching position in 1933

VI Normal School destroyed by fire

VII A short essay on New Brunswick teacher education

  History of N.B. Teacher Education 1784 to 1973

VIII A Time Line / Ligne de Temps of New Brunswick teacher education